Del Medical Wireless DR E Series

Del Medical Wireless DR E Series

DELWORKS E-Series, state-of-the-art DR solutions, include portable wireless and fixed detector options with Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillators. E-Series detectors are configurable for single, dual, or multi-detector applications.

Del Medical Wireless DR E Series

E-Series Acquisition & Processing Workstation

Automatic data input from RIS/HIS via DICOM Modality Worklist query*

Manual input of patient data via keyboard or touchscreen

Automatic selection of exam procedure based on Worklist*

Automatic patient query to the worklist via bar code reader (option)*

Programmable x-ray technique factors for each exam, including APR program and AEC settings with manual override capability (with compatible generators)

Pre-exposure display of patient and procedure information, X-ray generator exposure factors, status and control functions integrated in a single display screen

Post-exposure display of actual exposure parameters and acquired thumbnail images

Dose per area product reading is displayed on the workstation monitor and is automatically burned in the DICOM header (if the generator is connected to a DAP camera)

Optional image stitching
* subject to availability and compatibility of exam data on the RIS/HIS network

Image processing features

Exam-specific image processing algorithms automatically optimize the images based on selected patient anatomy

Optimized image processing parameters. APR specific default values with manual adjustment if desired.

Image rotation in 90° steps, horizontal mirroring, automatic image cropping to collimated area, and manual image cropping

Verifying the assigned image laterality and patient orientation, and correcting them if necessary

Adding orientation markers and text comments directly on the image (pre-defined or free text)

Histogram of pixel density

Selection of optimized LUT (Look-Up Table) according to exam type

Manual adjustment the LUT, window and level

User selection of two different image processing methods:

The first applies a specific algorithm to enhance the anatomic structures for film-like appearance. The second, enhances in the same image, the appearance of low-contrast structures such as tissue and vessels, while maintaining and enhancing the visibility of high-contrast structures such as bones.

Rejected images management


System can be connected to DICOM compatible devices through Ethernet port

Capable of sending images to multiple destinations at the same time

The workstation is equipped with a cd burner to export acquired images in DICOM format or in other formats (jpg, bmp, tiff)

Supported DICOM classes

Modality Worklist (SCU) for RIS/HIS integration

Storage (SCU) for image transfer to workstations and archives

Print (SCU) for laser imagers

MPPS (SCU) to update the worklist provider on the exam progress

Product Specifications

Specification E14Cw E24Cw
Detector Size: 15in x 18in x 0.6in 27cm x 33cm
Active Area 13.8in x 16.8in 24cm x 30cm
Type Wireless Wireless
Scintillator Cesium Iodide Cesium Iodide
Pixel Pitch 148µm 148µm
Spatial Resolution 3.5 lp/mm 3.5 lp/mm
Pixels 2,400 x 2,880 1,646 x 2,057
Bit Depth 16 bit (A/D) 16 bit (A/D)
Image Preview 3 second 1 second
Image Display (QC) 9 seconds 6 seconds
MTF 61% @ 1.0 lp/mm 61% @ 1.0 lp/mm
DQE 66% @ 0.05 66% @ 0.05
Weight 6.17lb (2.8kg) 3.5lb (1.6kg)
Battery Life up to 8 hrs. up to 10 hrs.