Halo ER

Halo ER

Fixed SID overhead tube systems have been employed for many years with the fastest acquisition-to-image time frame on the market today. 

When deployed with a modern DR imaging system, your trauma setting can be assured to have the most modern and best image acquisition system available

Halo ER

Product Specifications

•Eighteen Foot Longitudinal Rail System - Triple Rail.

•Fourteen Foot Transverse Bridge System.

•Embedded Software for Set-Up Ease & Diagnostics from the System Console

•Many Custom Models Available To Fit Your Particular Trauma Setting

•400,000 or 600,000 kHu tubes

•Single Button Collimator Size Changes For Rapid Collimation

•65 or 80kW Generators Available





•CoRE labs Digital Insight System Powered by CPI & Varian

•Portrait / Landscape Rotation For Imaging Ease

•17” x 14” 4336R Portable Radiography X-Ray Detectors Available - Wireless or Tethered

•Choice of Two Light Conversion Screens: Cesium Iodide or Gadolinium Oxide

•Digital Data Conversion with 16,000 Grayscales

•Nine-Million Pixel Resolution Gives Optimal Image Definition, Distortion Free

•Four-Second Image Acquisition Speed

•Top of the line workstation with multiprocessor CPU

•Video processing via blazingly fast video system 

•Four-Second Image Acquisition Speed