Quantum Q-Rad DRX

Quantum Q-Rad DRX

Quantum’s Q-Rad-DIGITAL DRX-Series are fully integrated Digital Radiographic Systems, featuring Carestream DRX Technology. Smart-System innovations; such as TechVision™, Operator Touch-Control Center, and the flexibility of Wireless or Wired DR solutions are available in either Ceiling or Floor mounted configurations. All systems provide advanced operational and ergonomic features, with virtually unlimited positioning capabilities.

Quantum Q-Rad DRX


Choose the DRX detector option best suited to your needs. These include:

DRX Wireless Detector 14 in. x 17 in. (35 x 43 cm) with gadolinium oxysulfide (GOS) scintillator for general radiographic imaging, or cesium iodide (Csl) scintillator with increased DQE and MTF for dose-sensitive applications.

DRX Fixed Detector 17 in. x 17 in. (43 x 43 cm) with gadolinium oxysulfide (GOS), or a low-dose cesium iodide (CsI) flat-panel option for facilities that prefer a larger field of view in a non-portable detector

DRX 2530C Wireless Detector 11 in. x 16 in. (28 x 41 cm) with cesium iodide (Csl) is designed for dose-sensitive pediatric applications and orthopaedic imaging.

DRX Wireless Cassettes may also be used within other areas of the hospital such as in a mobile x-ray system during morning rounds - then move it to a Q-Rad system room to maximize the utilization of this advanced technology by sharing resources.

  • Wide Screen touch-panel monitor
  • X-ray Generator integration
  • Preview image display within seconds
  • Consistent grey scale presentation
  • DICOM Modality Worklist
  • Multi-Modality Acquisition
  • Procedure Mapping
  • Advanced Trauma Capability
  • Patient CDs
  • Auto-Correct for Image Display
  • EVP Plus Software
  • Grid Detection and Suppression
  • Black Surround
  • Local QC and administrative functions; zoom, window/level, Gamma, edge enhancement, cropping, digital markers, and annotation
  • DICOM print & store to multiple destinations
  • Long length Imaging/Scoliosis seamless stitching
  • IHE Dose Reporting
  • Remote Operations Panel
  • Remote Patient Data Entry
  • Prior Image Review
  • Administrative Analysis and Reporting Option
  • Total Quality Tool
  • Tube and Line Visualization
  • Bone Suppression

The Q-Rad-DIGITAL System configurations are designed for high patient volumes to satisfy a wide variety of clinical environments, from in-patient and out-patient radiology departments, emergency/ trauma, imaging centers, orthopedic facilities, and urgent care clinics. From the routine chest or detailed extremities to the non-ambulatory trauma patients, the range of applications with Q-Rad-DIGITAL Systems is virtually endless.


Advanced system integration enhances your DR workflow from patient registration, to exam configuration, patient positioning, image acquisition and image archive. In addition to an inherent productivity gain with network connectivity to Modality Worklist and PACS, the fully integrated Q-Rad-DIGITAL DR Console optimizes the entire patient examination process with fully integrated and Worklist-driven single-accession and multi-accession exam configuration, generator integration, fast image processing, and automated exam sequencing. Now you get maximum productivity with the patient throughput of DR combined with the positioning ease of a single wireless cassette, all with high quality imaging and low patient dose.

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