Spinel 3G

Spinel 3G

  • With its high-resolution CCD camera, this system will provide users with optimal image diagnostic environments by supporting detailed and clear images.
  • Its (ergonomic) design focusing on users’ convenience will maximize the efficiency of surgical environments.
  • Its user-centered functions and interface reflecting users’ needs provide users with convenient diagnostic environments.

Spinel 3G

Superb Image Qaulity 

High Resolution Camera

With a high-resolution CCD camera developed through our technology superb diagnostic environments through the support of detailed and clear images are provided to user.

Optimized X-ray Configuration 

With a high-frequency generator installed, users can be provided with high-resolution images. Besides, its rotating anode tube has great durability and will implement detailed images by using superb large and small focal point angles.


Design Optimized for Surgery Environments

Flexible Movement

By improving the height of the system and expanding its movement, the system provides a wider movement range of C-arm which will enable users’ convenience when photographing a complex angle is exposed.

Multi-purpose Handle Bar

With an additional handle installed at the location of Image Intensifier (I.I), you can conveniently operate the movement of C-arm during the process of surgery.


Convenience of Use

LCD Touch Panel

Its LCD touch panel is simple and easy for users to recognize. Also, with application of an intuitive UI, it will improve the operability and convenience.

Foot Switch 

Smart Foot Switch allows the user to use the functions (up/down/exposure) conveniently during operation.

Monitor Cart 

Two LCD monitors can move upward and downward with a driving system, further enhancing users’ convenience.

Third Monitor 

Designed to interoperate with a third monitor, it is possible to implement a large screen display of live images for educational/reference purposes. It can be also used as an input for a surgery navigation system.

CXView 3

Our proprietary CXViewsoftware features a user-friendly interface and improves workflow efficiency. Register patients easily with functions such as Merge, Match and Split. Transfer images between two servers or more. Export images in a variety of formats. All functions are fully DICOM 3 compatible and integrate seamlessly with PACS.