Carestream DRX Wireless DR

Carestream DRX Wireless DR

Capture digital radiography images using your conventional x-ray equipment and procedures.

Converting to DR workflow and productivity is fast, easy, and cost-effective with the CARESTREAM DRX-1 System. This innovative system features the world’s first wireless cassette-sized DR detector, which simply slides into your table or wall-stand Bucky, or can be used for table-top projections, just like a conventional cassette.

Carestream DRX Wireless DR

Quick, easy transition

Minimize disruption and downtime with one-day installation.

Compared to DR room replacements, the DRX-1 requires substantially less staff training time by building on user familiarity with existing equipment.

The system’s compact modular capture console is used alongside your generator console.

Cost-effective solution

Minimize your investment and maximize your efficiency cost-effectively.

Extend the life of your conventional x-ray equipment by using it for DR image capture—the cassette-sized DRX-1 system detector makes it easy.

Realize all the cost savings of this complete DR system.

Better workflow and productivity

Images are immediately available at the system’s capture console, and can be quickly forwarded to multiple network destinations.

Instant image availability can reduce exam time and recalls, improve patient satisfaction, and provide quick answers in the ER or trauma department.

The wireless battery-powered detector provides the cordless positioning freedom of a conventional cassette.

A optional wall-mounted holder conveniently stores the cassette when not in use.

Broad versatility

The DRX-1 system is suitable for many types of general radiography imaging exams.

Conventional and CR cassettes can still be exposed in your Bucky or used for tabletop projections.

This system can also be installed as an additional unit in a DR exam room.

The capture console supports up to three detectors.

An optional power/communications tether for the detector enables wired communication with the console, and trickle charging of the on-board battery when the detector is used in a Bucky.

This system is part of a broad family of compatible DR and CR systems, laser imagers, PACS, archive options, workstations, and other imaging-chain solutions from Carestream Health.

Proven image quality

Count on Carestream Health’s proven imaging technology found in KODAK DirectView DR Systems and our broad portfolio of medical imaging solutions.

Enhance image quality as never before with optional KODAK DirectView EVP Plus Software that provides both increased latitude and high-contrast image detail.

Easy interfacing with your x-ray generator

The DRX-1 system can synchronize with your x-ray generator for exposure control non-invasively:

The generator’s hand-held exposure control is connected to the DRX-1 system interface, which in turn is connected to the generator. The DRX-1 system interface then assures that the DRX-1 system is ready at the time of exposure.

For generators with console mounted exposure control, a special button is used to manage the exposure, allowing the DRX-1 system to synchronize with the exposure sequence.

Product Specifications

Wireless cassette-sized detector, ISO 4090

Wireless standard 802.11 n
Image size: 35 x 43 cm
Maximum external dimensions: same as 35 x 43 cm cassette
Weight: 8.5 lbs (3.9 kg)
Pixel pitch: 139 m
Power: On-board rechargeable battery or external battery charger
Captures 70 to 90 images on a single charge
Can be used with your standard grids

Capture console

Touch-screen interface
Controls DR imaging functions – including HIS/RIS patient data access and image review and management

Battery charger

Accommodates up to three batteries for recharging
Power: 90–264 V, 50–60 Hz, 75 W max

Optional power/communications tether

Connects detector to the capture console for wired image transmission, or to the battery charger for trickle charging when the detector is used in a Bucky.

Accessories and Options

Optional power/communications tether

Connects detector to the capture console for wired image transmission, or to the battery charger for trickle charging when the detector is used in a Bucky.

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