Rayence Xmaru 1417WGC/WCC

Rayence Xmaru 1417WGC/WCC

Its durable carbon-fiber, seamless unibody construction combined with a shock, vibration and scratch resistant composition makes it well-suited for the most demanding imaging environments. An Access Point (AP)  enables images to be directly sent to a Wi-Fi connected computer within seconds and a built-in memory storage permits taking images where a computer connection is not available as well as prevent lost images should there be an interruption of power. These are among many features that make the 1417WGC/WCC the ideal flat panel detector solution for both fixed and portable applications.

Rayence Xmaru 1417WGC/WCC

- ISO 4090 cassette size standard
- Auto-triggering technology
- Image Storage
- Access Point (AP)
- Waterproof
- Quick and easy installation

Product Specifications

Detection Area:                        14 x 17 in

Dimensions (W x L x H):            460 x 384 x 15.4 mm

Active Area:                              422.7 x 357.6 mm

Sensor Type:                             Amorphous Silicon with TFT

Scintillator:                               Gadolinium Oxysulfide (Gadox) / Cesium-Iodide (Cesium)

Weight:                                      <3 kg (6.6 lbs) Gadox / <3.1 kg (6.8 lbs) Cesium

Active Pixel Number:                 3268 × 2756 pixels 

Pixel Pitch:                                 127 μm

Limiting Resolution:                    Max. 3.9 lp/mm

Energy Range:                              40 - 150 kV

A/D Conversion:                           14 or 16 bits

Data Acquisition Time:                 <2.0 sec(wired)

                                                     <5.0 sec(wireless)

Manufactured by:                         Rayence

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