Rayence XMARU 1717SGC/SCC

Rayence XMARU 1717SGC/SCC

The tethered 1717SGC/SCC detector is an economical solution that allows the user to experience the benefits of flat panel Digital Radiography. This detector possesses the thickness of traditional film cassettes, which makes it effortless when it comes to fitting into standard cassette trays. In addition, use of a detector that is 17x17 inches provides more flexibility when positioning anatomy and eliminates the need to be rotated to accommodate views. Efficiency is improved by streamlining workflow through the elimination of the additional steps required when using film or CR.

Rayence XMARU 1717SGC/SCC

- Auto-trigger signal sensing technology

- Require no modifications to be made to bucky tray

- Eliminates the need for the detector to be rotated 

- Lightweight and thin dimensions

- May be fixed or transitioned from table to bucky

- Quick, hassle-free installation

Product Specifications

Pixel matrix: 3328 × 3328

Scintillator:  Gadolinium Oxysulfide (Gadox) or Cesium-Iodide (Cesium)

Effective Pixel matrix: 3268 x 3268 (guaranteed pixel matrix)

Pixel area (active): 423 ×423 mm

Pixel pitch: 127 μm

A/D conversion: 14-bit

Resolution: 3.9 lp/mm

Energy range: 40 ~ 150 kVp

Data output: Ethernet 1Gbps

Dimensions: (W×L×H)460 × 460 × 15.5 mm

Weight: Gadox - 4.2 kg(9.25 lbs) Cesium - 4.4 kg(9.70 lbs)

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