Carestream Vita CR System

Carestream Vita CR System

Carestream DirectView Vita CR Systems are small-footprint solutions that provide high-quality digital images – at a very affordable price. With three options for throughput speed, Vita CR Systems boost efficiency and productivity, while supporting enhanced patient care. With over 20,000 units sold throughout the world, Carestream is your trusted source for desktop CR systems.

Carestream Vita CR System

Set Up and Start Scanning In Just Hours

Fast, easy setup will have your system will be up and running the same day plus training is minimized with our intuitive interface.

Boost Your Throughput and Productivity

Pre-congured image-quality “looks” simplify selection of your default image preference plus our “smart erase” feature optimizes erase time.

Simplify Procedures and Cut Cost

Say good-bye to purchasing film and storing chemicals.

Obtain High Quality Images

Simple, easy to use image acquisition software with Enhanced Visualization – Automatic Image Processing (EVP+)

Perform Specialized Applications

LLI, Dental, Military, Mobile, Chiropractic, and Orthopedic with specially designed hardware and/or measurement tools

Product Specifications


34 cm x 75 cm x 55 cm / 29.5 in x 21.7 in x 13.4 in


36 kg / 79 lbs

Scanning Resolutions

12 Pixels/mm
6 Pixels/mm


Enhanced User Interface for Acquisition
Web Order Entry
DICOM and HL7 Compliant
Multi-format Printing
DICOM Viewer

Accessories and Options

  • Mini-PACS Archiving
  • Clinical Reporting
  • Web Viewer License
  • Long-Length Imaging
  • DICOM Store Service Class Provider (SCP)
  • Advanced Measurement Tools Set
  • OmniLink Software
  • Tablet Viewer
  • Dental Panoramic Package