Rayence Xmaru 1210SGA

Rayence Xmaru 1210SGA

Rayence delivers an advanced digital x-ray solution that seamlessly integrates into any clinical workflow.  The Xmaru PODView features rich software solutions that capture, view, and distribute digital images.  With advanced Podiatery specific measurement tools and an easy-to-navigate interface, the Xmaru PODView provices a complete solution.

Rayence Xmaru 1210SGA

  • Latest hospital grade flat panel technology, not dated CCD or CR technology.
  • Single detector housed in a dual handle encasement to provide easy maneuverability and rigidity.
  • View Images in less than 2 seconds
  • No Film Processor or Cassettes
  • Maximum throughput greater than 300 images processed per hour (Fastest in the market)
  • Line pair per mm: 3.9 lp/mm (Highest resolution in the market)
  • Active Image matrix: 10.39" x 12.79" (Largest available in the market)
  • Sensor weight: 6.6 lbs. (Lightest DR Detector available in the market)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • PDR Bi-Directional Base with Patient Support System
  • Custom-made ADA compliant base allows you to retrofit your existing podiatry unit & qualifies for ADA Tax Credit
  • Manufactured by Rayence
Wide Image Area

The Xmaru 1210SGA delivers the right size detector for the proper application.  No longer is there a need to use a larger, more bulky detector to achieve the desired view.  Its light weight design and 10"x12" field of view provides the right size detector every time.

  • Auto Triggering (No integration required)
  • Portability & Light Weight (6.6 lbs.) 3.0 kg
  • Adaptable to Various environments
  • Improved Accuracy Diagnosis
  • Superior Image Quality
  • Compact Size
  • 3.9 lp/mm resolution
  • 127µm micron

Product Specifications


Xmaru 1210SGA

Detector Type


Pixel Matrix

2560 x 2080

Effective Pixel Matrix

2520 x 2040 (Guaranteed Pixel Matrix)

Pixel Area (Active)

325 x 264 mm

A/D Conversion

14 bits

Energy Range

40 ~ 130 kVp

Data Output

Ethernet 100 Mbps

Operation Environment

Temperature:  +10 ~ +35 °C
Humidity:  30 ~ 75%
Pressure 70 ~ 106 kPa

Storage and Transportation 

Temperature:  -10 ~ +55 °C
Humidity:  10 ~ 80%
Pressure:  70 ~ 106 kPa


3.0 kg

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