DX-V Flat Panel

DX-V Flat Panel

The Vivix 17 x 17 Detector provides the largest coverage area. Ideal for imaging large breeds with no need to stop and rotate, simply position and expose.

The Vivix 14 x 17 Detector is removable, rotatable and when used with the Premium Vet system it can be used for horizontal beam, weight bearing, oblique and cross table exams.

DX-V Flat Panel

Images direct to your computer in seconds. 

The Vet-Ray line of X-ray solutions is created by the world’s largest X-ray manufacturer, Sedecal. Our team of experts and
remote support sta are always on duty to assist you.

Single Touch II Monitor System
If you purchase a complete system or upgrade an existing Vet-Ray by Sedecal
analog X-ray machine, you will receive the benefits of the Single Touch II Monitor
System. The Single Touch II is the only monitor needed in the Radiology area.
Selection of patient, body part to image, and view, as well as acquired image are
displayed on this convenient “heads up” touch screen monitor. Learn more at


4-way Float Top Table
The standard 5 ft 4-way float top table allows for easy, convenient and safe
positioning of the patient. Designed specifically for veterinary application it has a
built in fully adjustable tie-down rail track. A larger big breed 6 ft table top or
shorter feline 3 ft table top option is available.


Compact High Frequency Generator

The state of the art, solid state ultra-compact High Frequency X-ray generator is
small enough to fit inside the table base. This makes the table base footprint of
the DX-V the smallest in the industry. The standard X-ray generator is a 32kW,
400 mA, 125 kVp and 500 mAs Single Phase 220VAC. There are many optional
kW ratings of X-ray generator options including 3 phase 208 VAC and 480 VAC.

Hands Free Collimator Light Control

This allows the operator to keep hands on the patient for convenient and safe positioning. 



The VIVIX HD Detector acquires and displays images in seconds. With our new Advanced Veterinary Image Processing (AVIP) software you get a high resolution image needing no adjust-ment. The AVIP software is adjusted to your specific preference for image viewing. With images appearing in seconds you can quickly position, take the exposure(s) and complete the study in record time. 

Product Specifications

Image Field Size : 17” x 17”  14” x 17”

Spacial Resolution: 3.5 Ip/mm

Image Cycle Time: 4.0 Sec

Scintillator: Cesium or Gadolinium

Number of Bits: 14 BIT A/D 16 BIT Digital Output

Shades of Gray: 4,096 (16,384)

The Vet-Ray Digital system also

• Acquisition computer and wall mount
• 2mp high resolution 24” monitor
• QXLink PACS and PACS workstation
with PC and 24" monitor
• 10 viewing licenses
• 5 year warranty on X-ray system
• 5 year warranty on digital detector

Share study with specialists
via DICOM transfer,
burn images to a CD/USB Jump
Drive, or send to MyVet Cloud
Storage and view in facility or
remotely on any Web enabled
device (PC, Mac, smart-phone or tablet)

Accessories and Options


Orthopedic Templating Software
24” Viewing Monitor
Viewing Stations
Digital Dental

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