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ALTO DR™ Tethered Panels by Vieworks

ALTO DR™ Tethered Panels by Vieworks

The ALTO DR™ Tethered Panels may be interfaced directly with many x-ray generators if desired; however, the preferred method is utilized with the patent supported - AED (Auto Exposure Detection) Mode.  Sizes available are 10x12 cassette-sized, 14x17 and 17x17 cassette-sized.

ALTO DR™ Tethered Panels by Vieworks

  • Portable, Tethered Flat Panel Detector
  • System Control Unit (SCU)
  • Image Processing Viewer Software
  • Acquisition Workstation & Cables
  • Available in both CsI and GADOX Scintillator Types

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications 

Pixels: 2560 x 3072

Image Size: 14x17 inches (35 x 43 cm)

Pixel Pitch: 140 μm  x 140 μm

A/D Conversion: 14 bit

Grayscale: 16,384

Power:  DC24V, 0.5A

X-Ray Voltage Range: 40-150 kVp

High Resolution Image Display Preview: 3 seconds

Interface:  Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)

Dimensions:  18.1" W x 15.1" L x .59" D (46cm x 38cm x 1.5cm)

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