Del Medical OTC 18M

Del Medical OTC 18M

Versatile and intuitive, the OTC18M System delivers enhanced patient comfort and optimized work flow. Precisely designed to withstand high-volume throughput in hospital radiology departments, medical imaging centers and large orthopedic facilities with the need to perform a broad range of radiographic studies. 

Our overhead tube crane features a sophisticated LCD touchscreen console, which supports enhanced capabilities to offer a more genuine patient experience. By integrating with a DELWORKS DR System and compatible generator, technologists are given the ability to adjust generator technique factors without leaving the patient’s side. Its overhead horizontal and transverse tracks provide technologists with limitless imaging procedure capability, including cross-table laterals and other challenging views. 

The system embraces operational effciency through ergonomically designed user controls, extensive longitudinal and transverse travel, and an industry-leading table with a patient weight capacity of up to 800 lbs. The OTC18M System was developed through innovation to produce high quality diagnostic images with ease. Built in the USA, it is prepared to deliver many years of continuous use and exceptional 

Fixed and Wireless user-satisfaction. 

DR Detector Options 

▶Dose Management 



Electromagnetic Braking 

Integrated Workflow 

Premium Table and Wall Stand 

Technologist-Friendly LCD Touchscreen

Del Medical OTC 18M

DELWORKS is a powerful image acquisition and processing software featuring a user-friendly interface that provides sophisticated and speedy medical imaging. Designed with complex system automation, DELWORKS aims to simplify the examination process by making the di cult decisions for you. 

Its advanced anatomical programming and image processing algorithms help optimize technologist productivity. DELWORKS strives to minimize human error and unwanted repeat exams to give technologists the highest quality image at a lower dose, with every exposure.

Product Specifications

OTC18M Tube Crane 

Vertical telescopic travel range: 

70.8" (180 cm) with minimum 32.7" (83 cm) focal spot to ceiling distance / 15.5” (39.4 cm) focal spot to floor distance with a 9' ceiling height 

Longitudinal travel range: 

Standard 14' rail included, 136.2" min. (346 cm) With optional rail extensions: 219.9" max (558.5 cm) 

Transverse travel range: 

Standard 10' Bridge with 9.8' (0.3 cm) transverse carriage: 86.6" min. (220 cm) With 13' bridge & 13.1' (0.4 cm) transverse carriage: 139.7" max. (355 cm) 

Longitudinal detent positions: 

Configurable during installation 

Tube rotation range (horizontal axis): 

-120°, +120°, Detent positions at -90°, 0°, +90° 

Tube rotation range (vertical axis): 

-182°, +154°, Detent positions at -180°, -90°, 0°, +90° 


Approximately 507 lbs. (230 kg) with tube & collimator 

Power requirements: 

100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 3.6 Amps 

EV800 Radiographic Table 

Patient load capacity: 

800 lbs. (363 kg) 

Table base length: 

53" (135 cm) 

Table base width: 

25" (64 cm) 

Total tabletop movement: 

Longitudinal, 39.5" (100.3 cm) Transverse, 12.75" (32.3 cm) 

Variable height: 

22.25" (56.5 cm) to 34.25" (87 cm) 

Total Bucky travel: 

15.5" (39.3 cm) 

Tabletop length: 

86.5" (220 cm) 

Tabletop width: 

36" (91 cm) 


563 lbs. (256 kg) 

Power requirements: 

120/230-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 


78" (198 cm) tabletop length / 32" (81 cm) tabletop width / Lateral cassette holder / Table-side patient handgrips / Rotating cassette tray 

VT300 Wall Stand 

Receptor tilt range: 

+90°/ 20° 

Vertical travel range, vertical receptor: 

15.5" (39.4 cm) to 71.1" (180.6 cm) 

Vertical travel range, +90° receptor: 

Minimum 25.5" (64.8 cm) 


82.24" (211 cm) 

Depth, vertical receptor: 

30" (76 cm) 

Receptor width: 

27.25” (69.2 cm) 

Receptor height: 

26.5" (67.3 cm) 

Weight: 765.5 lbs. (347.2 kg) 

Weight, without counterweights: 

368.5 lbs. (167 kg) 

Power requirements: 

120/230-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 


8" (20 cm) extension box / Overhead patient handgrips / Rotating cassette tray

Accessories and Options

Software Features 

▶Pre-exposure display of patient and procedure 

information, X-ray generator exposure factors, status and control functions integrated into a single display screen 

▶Exam-specific image processing algorithms automatically optimize images based on ▶selected patient anatomy 

▶Enhanced image processing parameters. APR specific default values and manual ▶adjustment, if desired ▶▶Image rotation in 90° steps, horizontal 

mirroring, automatic and manual image cropping to collimated area ▶▶ 

Easy verification and correction of image laterality and patient orientation 


Intuitively add orientation markers and text comments directly to acquired images (pre-defined or free text) 

Detailed histograms of pixel density 

User selection of modified LUT (Look-Up Table) based on various exam types 

Manual adjustment of the LUT, window and level 

E effectively manage rejected images 

Image Stitching 

The optional image stitching application requires no unnecessary preprogramming or additional equipment, making full-length spine studies effortless and accurate.

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