Triton Floor Mount Tube Stand

Triton Floor Mount Tube Stand

  • Extremely rigid steel & aluminum construction allows the triton floor mount tube support to be freestanding.
  • The triton is fully counterbalanced for easy positioning during radiographic procedures.  
  • It uses the same world-class ergonomic LCD user interface as its ceiling mounted cousin.  
  • Standard longitudinal travel is 7.5 feet.  
  • Extended longitudinal travels are available.  Transverse travel is 10” (+/- 5” from center) and vertical travel is 15” to 79” from a finished floor.

Triton Floor Mount Tube Stand

The triton’s user interface displays real time table / Bucky SID. When rotated left or right, the backlit LCD display changes from SID inches, to tube angulation, in one-degree increments. Once the tube angle achieves ninety-degrees, it displays real time SID distance to a wall stand. This user interface allows quick SID positioning and thus rapid patient throughput.

•Seamless Vertical Column •Hardened, Serviceable Bearing Races •Positive Vertical Lock - for position retention during power outages •Full Digital SID tracking - Vertical, Longitudinal & Rotation Angle •Twin Multi-Strand Rust-Free Stainless Steel Cables •Ball Bearing Construction Throughout •Powder-Coated Surfaces •Bright Nickel Hardware - Rust Free

Product Specifications

Longitudinal Travel (Standard): 90” *Extended Travels Available Overall Height: 92” Minimum Distance to Wall: 12” Maximum Height of Tube Center: 79” Minimum Height of Tube: 16” (13.75”Available) Collapsed Length From Stand: 25” Travel From Table Center: +/- 5” Each Direction Column Rotation180 degrees Each Direction Tube Rotation 180 degrees Each Direction Freestanding Design Base Footprint 120”x 20” Electrical Requirements: 115/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5 Amps *Optional Platform/ Port & Large Trunnion Mounts Available Custom Tube Applications Available Onboard 24 v Power for Collimator Complete Weight of triton FMTS fully equipped -- 430 lbs Specification (Model No.: 09-000) Freestanding design without wall attachment for rapid installation and ease of alignment.

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